We keep your solar farms clean and efficient

Clean solar panels are up to 30% more efficient. Our cleaning visits pay for themselves very quickly.

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Our tractor mounted panel cleaning machinery cleans solar farms in record time.

Solar Ground Mount are passionate about solar farms being successful. So our maintenance services ensure you are getting maximum return from the sun. Schedule a visit with us to show you the difference that dedicated cleaning machinery can give.




Scheduled cleaning service for solar farms.   Cash positive maintenance.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Your solar panels lose up to 30% efficiency over time from dust and dirt and bird poo. Cleaning has never been easier.

We make it easy

Book us in for an ongoing schedule, or just when you need us. Our specialist machinery comes to you.

Passionate about solar

There's nothing better than running your panels at full power. And we're as excited about that as you are.

Solar Panel Cleaning - large scale experts.

Australian solar is growing, but there's no farm too big for our cleaning machines.

Tractor Mounted Solar Panel Cleaning Arm
Remove dust and grime from solar panel farms
Powerful but gentle solar panel cleaning